Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I was having a conversation yesterday with someone about biases and whether or not people have them. We spent some time talking about apparent biases, and I said that someone who everyone thought had a bias really didn't. But it was pointed out that he did indeed have a bias, although I thought it was only on technicality.

The bias this person had wasn't an unjust bias; he wasn't biased against characters because of their gender, religion, etc. It was a bias against certain characters because he didn't like them.

And in the end, doesn't that mean we're all biased? It's true, it really is.

I don't like using the term biased when it comes to the characters we like, because that makes it sound so exclusive and polarizing. There are plenty of characters I don't like, but I'm friends with the handlers. And on the flipside, there are a few really entertaining characters out there whose handlers I don't really speak to that much. I like using the term subjective better, but at this point, it's all a matter of semantics.

But it's true about no one totally being able to be 100% objective. We can't. I know I can't, and that's why I used three judges for each match in the TEAM Invitational Tournament instead of just judging the match myself.

It's also one of the few good things about the book-by-vote system. If you have enough people voting, then you can get objectivity by the averages. But that's only if you get enough people voting. I don't know the exact numbers, but I can't imagine that A1E's been getting a ton of votes. I know I missed the ballot the last couple of cards, and I really feel bad about it, but I've also been kinda busy.

Still though, our own internal biases are always going to show in some form. I have no doubts that folks can be objective some or even most of the time, but there are always going to be those few times in the course of the year when any booker gives in to their own preferences. This is not a bad thing. Guys like Brunk, Hyde and Edmunds deserve to indulge their own desires once in awhile, provided that they try their best to be fair the rest of the time, which I think they are.

Just as long as they don't play favorites hardcore... but I've yet to see a fed firsthand where the fedhead books like he's banging Stephanie McMahon.


Joshua C. Ray said...

Biases are always going to be there. That's why I am trying to have a little fun with my fantasy paper fed (Fantasy Wrestling Entertainment) that uses current e-fed characters.

It's my way of having fun and being biased to characters and storylines that I like while at the same time enjoying some interaction with other handlers and being a booker.

Tom, you never have to worry about being a bad writer. You've definitely got skills... and I ain't talking about nunchuk or bow staff skills, either. GOSH!

Joshua C. Ray said...

Ah... I have learned of biases in e-fedding tonight. I have learned it the hard way, and am now heartbroken.