Sunday, December 18, 2005

More TEAM shilling

I had a post all ready to go on Friday, but I got writer's block, and then I thought I wasn't going to go anywhere with it, so I scrapped it.

It's been a pretty trying weekend for me on the real life front. Really stressful. But that's what the holiday season entails. Stress. Lots of it.

But I was able to get the second round of TEAM results up. They're at FWC, and I've shilled them everywhere.

I have to say I'm satisfied with how things are going so far. I'm getting a good RP turnout, only one no-show for the second round. Hopefully, we get none from here on out.

My ultimate hope is that this leads into increased awareness and recruitment for TEAM. I was talking to Chad the other day, and I asked him how he got folks for the CSWA. He said he got them through referrals, advertising and just on the CSWA name a lone.

I really don't have a name for TEAM. It's one of the newer feds, and outside of the sort of cadre of folks that I have who will do anything that I'm putting together, I really don't have the pull of the legendary feds like MBE or CSWA, the big ones lke PRIME or fWo or the ones with a lot of buzz behind them like NFW.

The trick is creating buzz. The concept alone won't do it. Chad said that maybe people are scared away by the committment. I can totally see that.

What do I need? A finalized website design? Better recruiting techniques? An already established roster?

It's tough, but I know for a lot of fedheads out there, I'm preaching to the choir.

But yeah, the latest shows are up. Peep them and as always, I welcome feedback.

Matches of the week


Anonymous said...

In the history of WFW, I've only asked one person to join and that was Shawn Hart right before we started up. Since then, people have just joined on their own. I think the key to get people to join is to start up, do a good job and reward good workers and eventually they will come.


Dave said...

Didn't you and Mike and Josh ask me to join, Paul? :-)

Just messin' with ya, but yes in the long run I agree. Word of mouth is better than any advertising you could do.

Tom Holzerman said...

But here's a major difference between WFW (or any other fed outside of I guess NFW or CREATE, really) and TEAM. You can have a WFW card with just 10 guys total. Your active roster doesn't have to be that big.

For TEAM to work, I need 30+ handlers active each week. It's an ambitious project, so I can't just rely on word of mouth unless I keep running tournaments like this and get enough people to join up through that.

Anonymous said...

You should consider making NPC teams, Tom. If you need that many handlers/characters, from behind the NFW desk -- I can tell you its almost impossible and might take 2 years to have enough credibility to pull it off.


Anonymous said...

No, Josh & Mike do their own thing, I may have asked you to bring in Dan Ryan for the cameo at the second Superbowl of Wrestling, but I did say once that there were three wrestlers that I wanted in WFW that weren't currently in... I think they were Maelstom, Dan Ryan, and Shane Southern. McNichols probably would remember better than I do who the three were. But I haven't personally asked anyone to come in fulltime since Shawn Hart and it sort of makes it easier to run a league when people come to you than you going to someone else because when you persue someone, there is an assumption of level of interest in an RPer and you sort of have to make sure he does well to match his expectations and it is hard to do in a league the size of WFW where you have trouble pushing all the guys that you want because they are only so many titles. These days there are only two people I want in WFW who aren't current in it, JA & Maelstrom (but Joe is never coming back to FW and I don't think Chad would ever let him back) so there really is only one guy I want right now.

As for Team needing 30+ RPers, NFW has problems doing that with less than thirty handlers, if you are waiting for thirty guys, the league is never going to open. Plus, during the season, you are going to have to replace people and you need to have a pool of talent not in the league in order for the league to work out.


Anonymous said...

Like I said, just messin' with ya. :-)