Thursday, November 03, 2005

A1 Draft Analysis, Part The Fifth

Last round of "team" breakdowns.

Jarret Aubry's Canadian Championship Wrestling Federation
Jericoholic Anonymous, Andrew Gilkison, Cross, Christian Sands, Chip Friendly*, Canadian Hitman, Canuck, Jogi Fresh*, Tariq Ismail, Mindkiller, Vladimir Vlachinko, Suicide, Johnny Morgan, Porter, Rob Sampson, Jared Justice, Tom Adler, El Tremendo*

Traded Away
Chip Friendly, Jogi Fresh, El Tremendo

Gotten in Return
Prisoner 187, BC Steele, Mikey F'n W

Free Agents
Craven, Kid Canada

Quite the draft haul for Mr. Beast here. A very solid draft all around.

Best Pick Cross is definitely the best pick here at the top of the third round. He's won the top two A1E titles and getting him in round 3 is a pretty good bargain.

Sleeper Picks Johnny Morgan was definitely my favorite UXW character ever and a very underrated, controversial character as well. Great pick where Jarret took him. Tom Adler is another fine pick, and I'm actually surprised Jarret knew who the hell he was ;)

Questionable Picks Well, never let it be known that I'm too much of an egomaniac, because taking Jericoholic Anonymous in the first round is not a very good choice. I'm a mark for myself as much as anyone is without becoming dangerously and Triple H-ly obsessed, but JA wasn't even my best character. Maggot was. I think Ken Cloverleaf would have been a better pick here, and I don't even think anyone would have objected to an ego-pick of Beast here either. Tariq Ismail is another guy taken just a bit too high. Good character, but hasn't really done anything of note yet (and now with Jeff retiring AGAIN, he probably won't), so a 9th round pick was a bit expensive on him.

Overall Grade B... One of the better drafts, a lot of value in many rounds. The lack of a credible A1E/MBE main eventer outside of Cross is made up by the strong upper mid-card/fringe main event A1 and main event FW guys taken at strategic spots.

Jon Boice's Trusted Warriors and Teammates
Duchess, IrishRed, Lindsay Troy, Craig Miles, Kanna Kirishima, Necromancer, Londonboy, Diva, Akiko Kanazawa, Vreck Stone, Druid, Jim Dandy, Jeffery Bellview, Donald James Havok, Quentin Beck IV, Benoitholic Anonymous, Suicidal Killer, Two

Free Agents
Allen Thomas, The Hummer Driver

Definitely an intriguing draft, especially after the shaky first two picks.

Best Pick The best pick in this draft happened in round 3 with Lindsay Troy. Thought she might have gone in round 2, but round 3's a very good round to get a former Triple Star and Cyber Champion in A1E, as well as a World Champion in the unofficial third A1 e-fed, EPW.

Sleeper Picks Definitely Craig Miles, who's a star on two circuits and even made an impact in the MBE Cup. Vreck Stone has always been a cult favorite of mine as well.

Questionable Picks Well, the Duchess/IrishRed sandwich picks were pretty out there, but it was already established that Jon had misunderstood what the draft concept was, so he gets a pass on those. Akiko Kanazawa might have been gotten a little later, and Jim Dandy probably would have lasted to free agency.

Overall Grade B-... Just based on how he set things up, it's a solid roster. No main eventers, but given the style of booking that was set forth, I don't think main eventers are needed.

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