Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More on the NFW West

No Katz, there will be no reposting of IM convos here :p

Anyway, a quick note before I start, WFW seems to be getting back on track, which is a good thing for the FW community. More active feds, the better.

And now, for your feature presentation.

Crash TV, Week 4 was posted last night. Solid card, lots of stuff going on, a good bit of it probably going down in the Rook Black/Felix Red affair. I wouldn't know what happened except for parts I skimmed out of it, ie, the jumps to the Astral Plane and the finish, which I didn't really understand a whole lot.

It seems to be par for the course for a few of the NFW West guys. Eddie Mayfield, Craig Miles, Troy Windham... they're all exempt because they're all written in familiar styles.

But when you get into the Mike Randalls, Seymour Almasy, Rook Black, Alias kind of stuff, it gets a little confusing. What about it is though? What is off-putting about some parts of the West and the angle-fedding community in general? Is it because they don't really care about wrestling, as accused, albeit in character, by Dan Ryan? Hardly.

Several MOTY candidates have come from NFW West. Almasy/Black and Miles/Mayfield are two of them.

Could it be that they don't do traditional wrestling storylines? I mean, Rook Black talking to a dead girl and having her play a major role in his match?

I don't buy that either. Esoteric/non-traditional wrestling angles have taken hold in every fed from A1E all the way to the CSWA. People just want to break away from the stuff they see on TV sometimes. It's only natural.

You want to know the reason why I have trouble with the West sometimes? (and yes, I do follow the West as religiously as I follow feds that I'm in) Because I just can't read narrative as easily as I can hybrid or straight script. It's as easy as that.

And I think that's what most people's problems could be with the West and angle fedding in general if they do have problems with that sort of thing. Narrative can be hard to read. Especially if it's not what people are used to in e-fedding. Especially if it's bad narrative. But then again, bad script is very hard to read too.

I don't know. What I do know is, in spite of my own shortcomings in reading the NFW West, I still get a lot out of it.


dan said...

Spamming blogs ROCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

I was serious about the Kayafaber Era in A1E. Like I might have anonymously said, if you're not comfortable with it, not a problem. But, if you're looking for an entry that will make at least one person smile and read with anticipation, I say go for it.

Go for it!

Tom Holzerman said...

I'll get on that soon. I just haven't had a whole lot of time to post to the blog, but I should have more time in the future.

The Kaya Era will have its own entry soon enough though.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article, you also have to wonder how someone from the angle fed world looks at the fwrestling.com style of writing.

--Should Die

Tom Holzerman said...

They probably view it the same way I view narrative. But that's the beauty of perspective, it's always different ;)

Anonymous said...

I have read some of the FW stuff. I just don't enjoy it. I'm sorry. I think that the writers/handlers are talented; it just doesn't read like wrestling promo's. It reads like dice throwing role playing or fan fiction.

Kudo's to those who do it. I just don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Now that I'm not dead tired, I'll offer some perspective from the guy that envisioned the madness from the first place. ;)

First -- Different strokes for different folks fan-fiction guy. I don't know where you get the idea of dice-throwing roleplaying/fan fiction for fwrestling.com as a whole, as my time in MBE didn't seem any different than my time in WFW or GLCW (two fwrestling.com feds). More on that below...

The whole basis for the NFW West and NFW as a whole is to avoid presenting a homogenuous product in a hobby that's continually popping up with "When will something new come cout?" questions on various boards. It first started with the sports concept, and now we're moving into the whole idea of different communities/styled writers working together to present something as a whole in a fun environment.

WFW, EPW, UCW, A1E, MBE -- while not exactly alike to alot of their members I'm sure, to me they're very similar and since I've been working with that style of writing for 10+ years...well, if you're not good at it...its especially tough for me to read. I'm not saying this makes NFW better than any of these feds, I'd actually believe that most people never rank NFW as their top fed to read, but one of their top 5.

With the NFW West, there's no set rules that you have to write narrative -- evidenced by alot of the work done there. However, at this point in this hobby for myself -- I hate limitations and the West is really my opus to that idea. Mayfield/Miles (written by JN) is probably the best script format match to come out in the past 3 years, IMHO. I'm especially excited to how people respond to Devin Woods' matchwriting for Randalls/Garvin/Heimdal as he's my second favorite matchwriter in the hobby behind JN.

As evidenced by Week 4, I believe there's some kinks to be hammered out interconference-wise, but also some really great things that came out of the experience. Its also worth noting that the West had a huge hand in writing that Crash TV show, so its really great to see that kind of enthusiasm for the fed, regardless of who you're writing or what style you prefer.

Currently, there's a total of 35-40 handlers in New Frontier Wrestling, and I'd venture to guess its probably the most diverse roster in the hobby in terms of style and background. Its my goal to show that styles don't matter, just the love of the game.

--Should Die