Thursday, October 06, 2005

A1 Draft Analysis, Part Deux

Lindz' Silver and Gold Wrestling Federation
Dan Ryan, Kodiak Vic Creed, Joey Melton, Troy Windham, Eddy Love, Roderick McRatrick, Cameron Cruise, Dark Angel, Deacon, Mike Randalls, Alias, Sonny Silver, Rook Black, Dr. Curiosity, The Flying Frenchie, Ric Chronos, Rana Venenosa, Alex Creed

Free Agent
Codemaster, Coral Avalon

(no other additions or subtractions)

Well, this draft might have been a standout draft had it been an EWN or maybe even an FW draft. But as it stands right now it's.... curious to say the least (no pun intended)

Best Pick Roderick McRatrick, and I'm not just saying this to toot my own horn here. He was a good selection at the position he was taken.

Sleeper Picks Really, everyone, I guess, seeing that outside of Ryan, McRatrick, Melton and Cruise, none of these guys have seen the light of day in an A1 fed before they were picked in this draft.

Questionable Picks Really, everyone outside of Ryan, RMR, Melton and Cruise. I mean, it looks like Lindsay was just going for people she liked rather than people who'd win her the draft.

Overall Grade D... This was the A1 draft, not the overall e-wrestling draft. I'm familiar with all the names, but I'm betting you most voters won't be.

Justin Toner's North American Wrestling Alliance
Housefly, Gladiator, Nemesys, AJ Cirrus, Haven, Jack Gilkison, Cannibal, Cthulu, Alex Chavez, Jeff Bishop, Aussie B, El NiƱo, John Walker, Captain Liberty, Tommy Nero, Venom, The Iceman, Se7en

NAWA made no moves during or post draft.

A solid roster with some good tag teams and a strong main event program. Interesting to note that many of the characters taken here have sadistic streaks.

Best Pick Nemesys in the third round was an outstanding pick. One of A1E's founding fathers, and probably would have gone higher if not for frequent and prolonged hiatuses.

Sleeper Picks I guess Se7en, but only because it was a James Irish drop out of the draft special.

Questionable Picks Justin's 4th and 5th round picks, AJ Cirrus and Haven respectively, were probably taken a little higher than should have been. Cirrus might have been there in the 5th round, and Haven probably would have dropped to the middle rounds. Plus Haven without Torment is kind of a wasted pick. I'm not sure how much value he has outside of the confines of Anarchy.

Overall Grade C+. Nothing really jumping out, but nothing too bad either. Housefly/Gladiator is a proven main event program, and guys like Nemesys and JAck Gilkison should provide great fireworks in the midcard. Not so sure about the lower card though with guys like Venom and Tommy Nero.


Lindz said...

You're off my Christmas card list, Holzerman

Lindz said...

Also, just because the draft was on A1 doesn't mean it was A1 exclusive. You know that.

Tom Holzerman said...

I do know that, but I also know that on the A1 draft, A1 characters are at a premium and FW/fWo/PTC characters aren't. They're also the characters that people know and that people will recognize when it comes time to book.

Lindz said...

You're still off the Christmas card list. ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Holzy. Moreso, cause you're probably hurting all those A1 steak sauce feelings.


Lindz said...

probably, Katz. next time, I'll try to consider the feelings of the steak sauce. ;)

Nemesys said...

Best pick???????
Thanks. The absences usually have very good reasons but yeah there have been lots of them.

BTW - Steak sauce ruins a perfectly good piece of meat!