Monday, September 05, 2005

My A1 roster

The A1 draft is not over, but my portion of it is. (I don't forsee myself making any free agent moves). So here's my roster for all you to critique, seeing that I won't include it in my analysis (because it would be biased). Feel free to comment on it.

1. Hida Yakamo
3. Promo
4. Eli Flair
5. Snake (through a trade with Dan West)
6. Hayt
7. Sweet Jesus Funk
8. Yori Yakamo, Jr.
9. Metal
10. Reaper
11. Michael Manson
12. Angelo Deville
13. Victor Molotov
14. Eddie Mayfield
15. Professor Bobo
16. Kevin Powers
17. Gabriel Poe
18. Sensational Steven Shane

What I will probably do is put the World Title on one of these four guys: Promo, Eli Flair, Eddie Mayfield, Steven Shane, with PILE and Hida being in the mix, but somehow eliminating each other causing them to feud.

Then I build the tag division with the UCS, the YAkamo Bros., The Dark Carnival and Hayt and Metal. Although Yori/Bobo would be an appealing program. Victor Molotov and Reaper would probably go for teh secondary title. Manson, Deville, Snake and guys who aren't feuding for the World title would compose the upper mid card.

I think I have a good roster.


Lindz said...

I'd like to see you book a Deville/Manson feud.

Jamar said...

Yeah, give mayfield the strap :)