Monday, September 26, 2005

Joey Melton in A1E... wow

The slate for this week's Tuesday Night Warfare included a curious matchup. Beast vs. a Mystery Opponent. Beast right now is feuding with Chip Friendly, a Dan West character. All in all, it's got the ingredients for a great feud. But I was wondering who would be the mystery opponent. I was thinking maybe some flunky or maybe Juen Lee.

But then I woke up this morning and checked the A1E folder at A1... and I saw the last post in the Beast/Mystery Opponent thread was made by user "joeymelton."

I was whoaing like Joey Lawerence over here.

I'm not sure whether this is permanent or just a one-off. Either way, it's still huge. Very huge. Dan Ryan coming over didn't really register at first because no one at A1E outside of Lindsay knew who he was. But Melton, thanks to myself, Jarret, Lindsay and now Dan Scifo, Shane Carnes and even Jeff Paternostro doing successful crossovers to the FW world, is somewhat of a big name at A1.

Usually, big FW names like that don't come over to A1E anymore. The vote system turns them off or the atmosphere is too hostile. Dan Ryan was an exception because I'm guessing Lindsay was persuasive, but he even left in a tiff at some point.

So in a word, this is really huge. I'm very excited, especially since Melton is one of my favorite characters and Steve's one of my favorite handlers. Good things can come of this, as long as it's handled well by the A1E BC.

Could we see some other FW guys coming over? Maybe, maybe not. Either way though, it's still nice to see Melton coming to A1E and hopefully having some "dream" matches.

The best thing about it though? It was Dan West, someone who isn't a part of any leagues over at FW, who brought him in. It makes me smile to see the amount of interfed exposure that is happening right now. I hope more people take the initiative to read FW feds at A1 and vice versa. All leagues involved can only prosper out of the deal.


Lindz said...

Ryan came over, in part, to be a part of the DA angle...and we all know how that angle went to hell.



DanW's a fan of Melton and I needled Steve to come. It's supposed to be a one-shot thing, but Steve told me tonight that he wouldn't mind Melton being there now and again. I'm not sure how it'll work out, because he and I haven't talked in-depth about it. There will be some Melton segments on TNW, I can tell you that much.

Beast said...

>Ryan came over, in part, to be a part of the DA angle...and we all know how that angle went to hell.

Yeah, *someone* wanted to do something totally different than the original plan.

Now who would that be, eh Lindz?

Lindz said...

You're talking about two different points in time, Jarret, neither of which I'm going to go into on Tom's blog.