Thursday, July 07, 2005

First post

For those who know me, I'm Tom, and yes, I do have a blog over at LiveJournal.

So why do I have this blog now? Simple. This is just for e-feds. My thoughts, random rumblings. This is going to be more of a thought-provoking, in-depth sort of journal into the realm of fantasy wrestling, rather than the emotional, moody ranting with commentary about music and sometimes politics.

Sure, this will only be a niche journal, and I'm guessing only a few people will read it, but tough cookies, it's here and I plan on trying to let some of my innermost thoughts be heard, not only about my own experiences in e0fedding, but about what I think about the state of e-fedding. Maybe some fantasy fantasy booking is in order too. Heh, I'm a barrell full of ideas.

But anyway... welcome. Links are forthcoming when I can figure out how to put links on this crazy page.

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